Dental Savings Plan


Included In Annual Membership

●   1 Comprehensive Exam and 1 Annual Exam (2 exams per year)
●   1 Emergency Exam (used at any time during the year)
●   2 Oral Cancer Screenings
●   2 Cleanings (prophylaxis or periodontal maintenance cleanings)
●   4 Bitewing X-rays (1 time per year)
●   2 Fluoride Applications if under the age of 16
●   Any Individual X-rays needed throughout the year
●   50% off Panoramic or Complete Series of X-rays (1 every 5 years)


●   Periodontics, 20% off
●   Fillings, Root Canals, Oral Surgery, Crowns/Core Buildups, Veneers, Partials, Dentures, Night Guards, and Whitening 15% off
●   Implant Procedures 10% off
●   Invisalign FULL CASE $500 off
(Patient must remain a plan member for the entire course of their treatment which may be longer than 1 year)

*Discounts are only valid for services that are preformed at Cureton Dentistry. Any procedures that are referred and treated by a specialist at an outside office are not eligible for the above discounts.

Please Call Our Office for More Information

Program Guidelines

  • The Cureton Cosmetic & Family Dentistry Dental Savings Plan gives our patients 12% off dental services for 12 consecutive months starting the day the plan is purchased.
  • Payment is due in full on the day of service.
  • This savings plan cannot be used in conjuction with another dental plan.
  • This savings plan cannot be used in conjuction with any office promotions.
  • Non-refundable
  • Excludes dental products (toothbrushes, toothpaste, whitening gel, etc...)